Are You a Pre-Service Teacher Hunting for That Teaching Job?

Preservice teachers searching for a teaching job

These are the 3 things you need to know to be chosen for your next teaching job….

If you are a student teacher, which is often used interchangeably with “Pre-Service Teacher” then you should read this to get to your next teaching job!

Of course, this is only prep work, but we consider these of high importance if you want to land your first or even next teaching job!

After all, you’ve invested time and money to prepare yourself to join this career and now it’s time to prepare to land that teacher job you have been after for so long.

Three Simple Tips To Follow To Kick Start your Teaching Career:

  1. Expand Your Boundaries – Get your teaching job where you can find it!
  2. Sell Your Skills – You’ve done the work, you have your skills, put them to use!
  3. Be Confident – Be well prepared for your interview!




Expand Your Boundaries to Jump Start Your Teaching Career

Many pre-service teachers are insistent about going back to their hometown or insisting about teaching in the school that they student taught at but you have to jump-start your teaching career.

Those are great goals to have…

Because you will serve in the community that you grew up in or stay where they taught you how to be a teacher and give back.

Nevertheless, it’s a great experience to teach in different schools during your teaching career. So, in other words you can always get your first job wherever you can find it and then go home or to a particular school one day.

Just get yourself into a classroom! That’s what you were trained and called to do….Teach!




Sell Your Skills to Land Your First Teaching Job

You are a skilled individual.

What skills do you possess that make you a great teacher and great part of the educational team?

Sell those things.

Make your resume target the things that administrators want in an educator.

So, what do we want in an educator:

  • Professional
  • Passion for learning and teaching
  • Respect for children
  • Organization
  • Follow through
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Enthusiasm
  • Eagerness to learn the instructional strategies that they want implemented
  • And yes, some of your unique talents and abilities that you can offer the learning community and will employ in your teaching…..

See, those are just a few of the things that we want in an educator.

Ask yourself this question:  What kind of teacher would you want for your own children, nieces/nephews, etc?

Your resume, your talk, and your demeanor should say successful teacher.




Be Prepared For Your Teaching Job By Being Confident For Your Interview

Speaking of talk….when you get the opportunity to speak to a hiring committee, shine!

Stand out from the crowd…and not just by name dropping, please.

Stand out because you are prepared!

Doing well on a test takes preparation and study, and so does the test of interviewing to join an educational team.

Research the school  that you will be interviewed by…

Pulling up state reports that show their strengths and weaknesses and incorporate those things into your interview and show how you can assist.

Research their website to find out about the endeavors the school has, the mascot, the student body, parental participation, etc.

Let them know what skills you have that can contribute to those school endeavors.

Remember that your appearance matters.

Dress professionally and don’t wear heavy makeup, females.

Through attire and presentation of yourself you demonstrate what kind of teacher you will make in your classroom and what they can expect from your work.

So, dress to impress!

If you are in need of preparing for that interview, we do have an Interview Guide to help you through the process.

Be ready for you next teaching job by following these simple tips.  If you have questions or comments, by all means post them below.

We want to know your strategy to land that first teaching job. And who knows, you could be helping others as well to jump start their teaching career!

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