Professional Development For Educators

Professional Development For Teacher Services


Professional Development for Teachers and Administrators

It is a proven and tested fact that the most important asset in any school district are the foot soldiers in the classroom.

Professional development is the driving force behind teacher and student success. It is an investment that administrators and board members can canmake to ensure sure that the teachers stays up to date with brand-new ways of learning.

Isn’t that Solution Easy?

Great Teachers generate excellent students. So it is vital for new and experienced teachers alike, to have an ongoing professional development regiment and an opportunity to learn from each other; it keeps the teacher up to date with how students learn and discover.

Educators Just Like You Need Professional Development Training

Professional development is necessary for every professional. For the teacher, it not only helps them thrive in the classroom, but it impacts the student via reliable learning strategies. A+ Educational Success, LLC teaches strategies that are ready for implementation now!

Colleges and Institutes Provide Professional Training

Colleges, university and alternative certification programs offer opportunities for individuals to become licensed educators; however, they can not provide the extensive learning experience and encounters that areneeded in the classroom environment, given that every instance is different.

Similar to all occupations, educators and administrators discover and collect wonderful capabilities only through years of experience.

The Demands Of A Teacher Are Great

The demands on educators are enormous and can be especially for novice teachers. In fact, things can get so strenuous that many will leave the profession and sometimes will do so before their careers ever get started. About one-third leave their occupation within three years, and half leave within 5 years (Ingersoll, 2003)!

Professional Teacher Training

A+ Educational Success Professional Development Services

A+ Education Success, LLC is located in Harlingen, TX. We target educators’ development. A+ Educational Success teaches skills that are often overlooked in traditional educational preparation programs.

Learn From educators and education leaders what is needed to have a successful time in the classroom and enjoy it!

School districts, educators, leaders, and students take charge of your own professional growth and development and contact A+ Educational Success, LLC about their products and services.

We can help you…

  • Get organized
  • Take less work home
  • Gain confidence
  • Stand out in a positive way
  • Have less stress and more success
  • Enjoy teaching AND learning
  • Chart a path
  • Implement strategies for your success and for your students’ success

APlus Educational Success Professional Development Training

Our Professional Development Services

According to Wiki – Professional Development refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge, both for personal development and for career advancement.

We can help you advance!

A+ Educational Success, together with educators, will focus on the process of learning. Together we examine learning styles, habits of working, and current difficulties or obstacles to success.

A+ Educational Success is committed to helping educators, including parents and students, with personal and professional development so that success is achieved.

Professional Development For New Teachers

Teach, Reach, Grow

For New Teachers we offer our Teach, Reach, Grow 3-day program so that you can struggle less but accomplish so much more. This is a 3-day training where you will learn the different skills a new teacher needs to succeed.

This educational professional development training for teachers is provided once a semester/twice a year.

You can find out more by clicking here.

Other Professional Development Training We Have Provided

Others offered Upon Request

Motivation Matters

Motivation is areal and pressing problem among students. Lack of motivation creates disengagement between students and schools. Get motivated to motivate!

Differentiated Instruction

Know your students and reach them. Meet their individual needs and provide each one with an improvedlearning experience while improving your teaching experience!

Effective Teaching Strategies

Discover how to teach to develop students’ conceptual understanding. Learn effective teaching strategies to take your students to the next level.

Building Conceptual Understanding

Teachers must know how students process information and must know what motivates them to learn more. Learn how to build conceptual understanding and what slows down the learning process and what impedesstudent learning.

Instructional Leadership for Administrators

Administrators must be instructional leaders. Learn how to support learning and how to form a strong, common mission among all parties.

Technology in the Classrooms For Educational Purposes

Social media and technology has changed how educators can teach and communicate with students. Discover how you can incorporate technology and grab students’ interest.