Imagine Struggling Less And Doing More….

You’re About To Discover How to Short-Cut Your Success and Go From Overwhelmed to Confidence in 3 Short Days!

This 3-Day Program is Just What You Need

You Will Walk Away With All The Survival Skills Needed To Be Great!

Over-Whelmed Teachers Welcome:

Hi, my name is Dr. Andrea Cruz

And I know how you struggle in your classroom as a first year teacher….

You have all the credentials and skills that you learned in college, but the real skills that are required were not taught there; They come from experience – And that is not taught or experienced in those college classrooms…

Believe me, I know exactly where you are right now.

I was a first year teacher myself once and I know about stress and how easily it can consume you and become overwhelming especially with your daily life happening and being pulled in many directions.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

In fact, it could be a whole lot easier, faster, and better…. Contact us today!

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Wouldn’t it be great to meet all the demands of a new teacher and walk away without the stress, plus complete confidence?

This way, you do not have to worry about:

  • Being stressed and overwhelmed
  • Losing it
  • Quitting the following year
  • And searching for other careers

Wouldn’t it be great if your new teacher strategies improved so much so

  • That administrators appreciate and reward you
  • All the hard work that you do will be minimized to a fraction of what you do
  • And you become the next Teacher Of The Year!

Ready Set Grow

Inside Our Teach, Reach, Grow 3-Day Training Program

Our Professional Development Training For Teachers

You will Learn That and More!

  • These are systems and procedures that you need, in order to be a happier and better teacher
  • Imagine struggling less, but accomplishing more
  • With these teaching strategies in your bag of tricks, you will know the main principles of what you must do

This 3-day training/workshop, is like a quick boot camp for new teachers, just like you, so that you can take your teaching career to a whole new level without the worry.

I know how stressful being a first-year teacher can be, remember, I told you before, I was once where you are now. I have been downthat road before and now I want to show you a way to handle all those tasks easily, effectively, and effortlessly.

Our Teach, Reach, Grow Program is a 3 day event

  • Day 1 – Teach: Discover the Formula of Success – Systems and Procedures
  • Day 2 – Reach: Engage/Reach Students
  • Day 3 – Grow: Launch into learning and leadership – students and teachers

Remember, you can earn CPE hours with this training, and we are listed with the Texas Education Agency (TEA). We help educators just like you become better educators and leaders.